Etiquette and Consideration

Making arrangements

I am fairly busy both in my professional and personal life, so please forgive me if I don't answer your message instantly or we might not find a suitable date option right away - with a bit of patience, we will get there ;)

I usually only arrange up to two Dates per week, sometimes less, this contributes to possible waiting times.

If you do contact me, however, please give me the information I need to consider a date - 

  • When would you like to see me (multiple options if possible - weekends preferred)
  • How long should our date last? 
  • Do you have any special wishes or requests for our meeting? (city of meeting, specific hotel, outfit request, daytime activity etc.)


So - We have a date. What now?

We finally meet at our before discussed meeting point. If any one of us is late for some reason, he/she will announce that as soon as possible.

Every date begins with a drink, coffee or dinner, depending on the duration and daytime of our meeting.

My consideration will be handed over at the beginning of our meeting, in an unsealed envelope - preferably placed in a gift bag, or a good book.


Dinner Special

Get to know me over a nice dinner, or a quick coffee somewhere near by... without any pressure, just spending some quality time together.

- reserved for purely platonic encounters.


up to 2h - 350€

Date options

3h "Lunchbreak extraordinaire"


We meet for a quick bite for lunch, or drinks at the bar, and add just the right amount of spice to our day.


4h "Indulgence"


We meet in a lovely restaurant and enjoy a meal, while we get closer and closer, the air is filled with laughter, sparks are flying, and finally - you order the bill...

6h "daytime delight"


We start with a relaxed Breakfast or Lunch, and follow it up with an exciting dessert... after, we enjoy an afternoon at the spa, or you show me your favorite art gallery, musical,... I always wanted to learn golf, *how did you know?* ;)



12h "the night belongs to lovers" from 7 or 8pm till 7/ 8am

Oh, what a pleasure to wake up right next to you!...



16h "Croissants in bed"  starting at 6 - 8pm

Why leave the bed? It feels like we just got here... 



24h "All of me"

An entire day together - the possibilities are endless! A day trip to a resort just outside the city, an event, a day filled with delicious food  and precious new memories,...






in München - no travel expenses

up to 160km (eg. Nürnberg, Salzburg) - €100

up to 280km (eg. Frankfurt a.M., Zürich) - €200  bookings of 4h or more

up to 600km (eg. Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg) - €350  bookings of 4h or more


international (eg. Amsterdam, Paris): individual travel expenses (business class flight or 1st class train ticket + small compensation for my time spent traveling) 


All arrangements requite a 20% deposit, as well as travel expenses to be paid upfront 

All dates include social time, in a restaurant or other public place, to get to know each other.

Listed rates are for my companionship and time only. Anything that may or may not occur is between two consenting adults and for which there is no contract or compensation.


I do also meet couples! - please add 25% to my usual rate. 

Please place the consideration in an envelope, a book you enjoy, or in a gift bag, so that I may receive it immediately and discreetly upon our meeting.

We can meet at a 4 or 5* hotel in the city we agreed on (travel costs may apply). 

If you are unable to put the room under your name, I am happy to help by putting it under mine. Please understand that you must accommodate all hotel expenses for our time together. Cost for the hotel room will be added to your tab.


48 hours and beyond

Whats more exciting than traveling to some far-away (or nearby) place? Doing it with me!

up to 48h (2 days)


up to 72h (3 days)


up to 4 days



*plus travel expenses




A few ideas for our future date to get you inspired!

Cultural activities

Show me your favorite museum, ballet, or the philharmonic orchestra? - I'd love to see it!

Sports events

Let's indulge in a fun sports event full of excitement and cheers - Polo, Tennis or Football, let's go!

Traveling together

Take me on a trip to New York, London, Vienna, the  Maledives or,...

Not necessarily perfect for a first date - but the second? ;)


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Sushi - Italian - Korean - or something experimental?

The timeless classic 

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