In this section, I answer some frequently asked question, that might go through your head before seeing me.


"How quickly can I expect an answer to my mail/ inquiry?"

I try to answer all my emails within 24 hours. 

If it should for some reason take (much) longer than that, please make sure your email entails all information I might need, and is actually complete enough, for me to answer you. If your email was complete, and you double checked the correct spelling of my email adress, please feel free to remind me with a quick follow-up-mail. <3


"What is your service?"

Unfortunately, I can't give a definite answer to that. We will meet as two individual human beings, forming a unique connection - I can not predict what we both might feel like doing, when we are together.

"Do you like spontaneous dates, or do you prefer to plan ahead?"

Even though a spontaneous rendez-vous can be very charming and romantic, planning a few weeks in advance ensures we both can actually make time for a meeting. This is especially true for train/fly-me-to-you arrangements, since it naturally involves a bit more planning.


"Can I make outfit-suggestions?"

If you have specific wishes for heel-hight, color/ or style of my outfit, you can tell me about it before our meeting... But keep in mind that I am perfectly capable of dressing myself, and might not have everything with me while traveling. 

Also, please don't expect me to show up in sky-high stilettos and a mini-dress for a lunch date.


"What can I do to make our date truly memorable for you?"

There are many ways to make a very positive impression on me, but the very basics like manners and kindness are already appreciated a lot. 


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